Hörbeispiele (live recording in poor quality)
Barbara-Song (Briallen Clarke)
Soldiers´s Song (Matt Bracker/K. Phelan/Ensemble)
Beggar´s Music (Ensemble)
Call from the Grave (Ensemble)
Finale (Ensemble)
“...Thank   you   for   your   help   and   guidance,   couldn´t   have   done   it without   you...”   (Briallen)   “...it   has   been   wünderbah   working   with you”   (Morgan)   “You   have   taught   me   a   whole   new   way   of   living” (Hendrik)   ”Hey   buddy,   it´s   been   lovely   working   with   you!   You   have a   great   energy!”   (Andrew)   “Jurgen,   you   are   amazing.   The   pole dancing was for you!” (Batch)

The Threepenny Opera

B. Brecht / K. Weill Parade Theatre Sydney 2009 Director: Peter Kleinert Musical Director: Jürgen Beyer - p Jonathan Creenaune - sax Nigel Ubrihien - keys
Fotos © NIDA Sydney
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Mit diesem interessanten Projekt habe ich 2009 eine spannende Zeit in Australien zugebracht:
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