“...This   was   a   pleasant   production   with   good   music,   good   acting,   and good   staging—an   entirely   enjoyable   evening   of   theater   ...   The   music came   as   a   revelation   to   me.      It   was   written   by   Beyer   especially   for   this show,   and   I   found   it   to   be   quite   enjoyable;   in   fact   even   many   days   after the   last   performance   I   found   myself   humming   some   of   the   music   in   my head.   The   music,   too,   interrupts   the   action,   slowing   everything   down, but   it   is   performed   well   and   effectively   integrated   into   the   action   of   the play.      The   key   song,   at   least   to   my   mind,   is   “The   Song   of   the   Smoke,” probably   the   most   philosophical   and   least   political/economic   of   all   the songs in the show...” (St. Brockman 2011) read full review here
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The Good Person Of Setzuan     

B. Brecht (adapt. T. Kushner, transl. W. Arons) Philip Chosky Theatre Pittsburgh 2011 Director Peter Kleinert Musical Director Jürgen Beyer - p Alex Rice* - keys Denver Milord* - git Dylan Putas* - perc   (*cast members)
Composer`s DEMO-Medley (J. Beyer)
Live recording (rehearsal)
In our country (Ensemble)
Song of the waterseller (Corey Cott)
Grandfather sings the Song of the Smoke (David Andrew Laws)
ShenTe sings The Song of the Defenselessness  (Ava De Luca-Verley)
The Day of St.-Never-To-Be  (Marrick Smith)
Fotos: © T. Strong 2011
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